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What is g-ed-it

g-ed-it is a small (and fast) git plugin for gedit.
Its main goal is to provide an easy (and fast) way to add and commit small modifications.
g-ed-it does NOT provide a full way to manage an entire git depot (pull/push/branch/checkout/...).
g-ed-it is developed under the GNU General Public License 3 or later.

What I need to use g-ed-it

g-ed-it uses meld to show you some diff between files, so you must have meld installed. This plugin have been tested with Fedora 11. But it should probably work with other distribs.

Where to get g-ed-it

g-ed-it is hosted on github. You can download g-ed-it and browse it source code at

How to install g-ed-it

Just detar g-ed-it archive into your gedit plugin directory (~/.gnome2/plugins) You should have (at least):

  • the file ~/.gnome2/plugins/g-ed-it.gedit_plugin
  • the directory ~/.gnome2/plugins/g-ed-it (and a lot of files into)

Lauch gedit and active g-ed-it into the preference dialog.

How to use g-ed-it

Open a file that is into a git repo.

  • g-ed-it automatically detect it is part of a git repo and give you some informations and buttons on the top of the document view. Starting from the right there are:
    • The "add" button: It adds the file (or its change) to the index.
    • The "commit" button: It commits the file into your git depot.
    • A text entry: If you enter there, the "commit" button will use it as commit message. Else the commit message is asked to you.
    • A "status" text: It shows you the status of the file, on one part, between your working tree (WT) and your INDEX, and, on the other part, between your INDEX and your git repo (HEAD)
    • The "diff INDEX/WT" button: It launches your favorite diff tool (meld for now) showing you the difference between WT and INDEX.
    • The "diff HEAD/INDEX" button: It launches your favorite diff tool (meld for now) showing you the difference between INDEX and HEAD.
  • A new menu entry (git) is available:
    • Commit: Commit ALL files into the index.
    • Add to index: Add to index the current file (as the "add" button do)

Roadmap, known bugs:

  • Adding some configuration (especially to launch other diff tool than meld)
  • Adding a side panel to show the status of the entire (as git status do)

Remarks, Feedbacks, Critics ...

If you have any feedbacks, feature requests, problems or whatever, please send a email at mgautier <at> fedoraproject <dot> org with a subject starting with "[g-ed-it]" You can also create an issue here